4 Ideas to Build an Environmental Oasis on Your Balcony

Build an environmental Oasis on your balcony

As our society is becoming more environmentally aware, we’ve come to realise the importance of creating eco-friendly green spaces in urban environments. Not only is it beneficial to the planet to build environmentally friendly solutions and create green spaces in urban settings, but it’s also important for our own physical and mental health. Think about […]

Are You Eligible to Claim These 5 WFH Expenses at Tax Time?

Working from home

Working from home has quickly become the new norm and, as a result, the way we work is rapidly changing. As more people continue to work from home, new information and ideas are being explored, and priorities are changing. The pandemic has seen the rise in popularity of the home office and having office equipment […]

3 Core Considerations for Creating a Communal Herb and Vegetable Garden

community garden

Community gardens are incredibly beneficial for strata properties and their residents. Not only do they improve the overall health and morale of residents, but they can also help increase the value of your strata property in the long term. Community gardens are quickly becoming popular amongst urban strata properties as they improve the air quality, […]

The Best Houseplants For Your City Apartment (And Why They’re Important)

Best Houseplants For Your City Apartment

Houseplants are extremely important for apartment living – they improve your quality of life, both mentally and physically. Not only can they brighten a space and offer more aesthetic value, but they can also help create a peaceful and healthy atmosphere. Houseplants have many health benefits, and as apartments lack backyard gardens and the natural […]