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Levy debt collection during Covid-19 Recession.

It’s a big question. Proceeding with collection of levies during the Covid-19 recession. Should it occur? When should it happen? How does it occur? If a person has no income, no assets, is there any point? Should the Owners Corporation continue to collect interest on unpaid levies. The reality is there is no blanket answer … Read more

Strata managers are not financial experts. Yet right now, during a financial crisis, they are going to need to be one.

Strata Managers - More Than Strata

Strata management really is a job that requires a person to be a jack of all trades. In any one day a strata manager may have to; 1.Mediate between disputing neighbours. 2.Compare quotations for engagement of a consultant and make a recommendation. 3.Prepare a detailed meeting agenda. 4.Provide advice in relation to NBN connection. 5.Attend … Read more

The Knock-on Effects From Covid-19 Mean That Every Strata Owner Is Exposed To The Risk Of Home Loss.

While a statement like ‘you could lose your home’ may feel alarmist, the reality is  many owners will be faced with this very outcome. The profoundly negative impacts of Covid-19 on the economy will continue far after restrictions cease. As income loss puts pressure on millions of Australians, you have to ask, what happens to … Read more