Strata Owners, find out more: Covid-19, the Health Orders and the Impact You

1.Masks A mask must be worn at all times when people are on common property. This includes in lifts, lobbies, hallways, garbage rooms, car parks and when accessing facilities such a gyms, libraries, and meeting rooms. This health order applies to all people using the common property. Residents, visitors, cleaners and emergency trades. As this […]

What does a strata manager do?

MTS team assisting a client

  What does your strata manager do for you?   What exactly does a strata manager do?   In many ways, strata management is an ‘invisible’ service. If you are not a member of the committee, you likely have very little contact with your strata manager. We’ve put together this brief guide of what your […]

Don’t Adopt that Fur-Baby just yet…pets in strata

The More Than Strata Team are fans of pets. However the recent decision in the Court of Appeal that blanket bans on pets is invalid does not mean that our furry, feathered and scaly friends are automatically welcomed into the strata world. No doubt you have read about it or watched the news segments. Pet […]

Strata Managers Working with Developers. Conflict Recorded.

Last month the Public Authority Committee handed to the NSW Government its report entitled  Regulation of building standards, building quality and building disputes: Final report. Youc an read it by clicking here. The report was commissioned following the Opal Tower defects incident and includes by way of evidence, testimony from hearings of the Inquiry, where […]

Levy debt collection during Covid-19 Recession.

It’s a big question. Proceeding with collection of levies during the Covid-19 recession. Should it occur? When should it happen? How does it occur? If a person has no income, no assets, is there any point? Should the Owners Corporation continue to collect interest on unpaid levies. The reality is there is no blanket answer […]

Owners Corporation in debt? Every owner is on risk to pay.

Did you know that a creditor with a default judgement against an Owners Corporation can apply for a compulsory agent to be appointed? In plain English, if the strata owes money which it does not pay back, and that entity obtains a default judgement debt, it can apply to the New South Wales Civil and […]

Levy defaults. Calls for Government Intervention.

MTS team assisting a client

The Owners Corporation Network (“OCN”), the leading advocacy group in the Country for strata owners, have released a policy paper calling on the Government to assist owners who cannot pay strata levies during the Covid-19 recession.  You can access the paper here. OCN rightly point out in their paper that the residential strata sector is […]