5 Simple Ways To Add Value To Your Strata Property


As a strata property owner, naturally, you will want to maximise its value. You can decorate your own lot or unit to your heart’s content, but typically prospective purchasers or tenants will need to step through common property before arriving at your unit. The first impression is often the lobby or front lawn, and there […]

The Best Houseplants For Your City Apartment (And Why They’re Important)

Best Houseplants For Your City Apartment

Houseplants are extremely important for apartment living – they improve your quality of life, both mentally and physically. Not only can they brighten a space and offer more aesthetic value, but they can also help create a peaceful and healthy atmosphere. Houseplants have many health benefits, and as apartments lack backyard gardens and the natural […]

The Major Sustainability Considerations for Strata Communities in 2022


With sustainability on everyone’s mind, strata buildings are no exception. Here’s why it’s important for owners corporations to consider sustainability upgrades in 2022 and beyond.   Sustainability improvements are easier than ever In February 2021, the Strata Schemes Management Amendment (Sustainability Upgrades) Bill was passed, making it easier than ever for strata corporations to embrace […]

How to comfortably break the ice with your new neighbours

break the ice with new neighbours

Moving into a new neighbourhood or apartment building can be pretty daunting; it’s always nice to have someone close by that you can ask for favours when you’re in a jam. Need someone to feed your cat while you’re away or let the plumber in while you’re at work? Having a good relationship with your […]

Do I Need Home Contents Insurance If My Owners Corp Has Building Insurance?

home content insurance

Choosing the right kind of insurance is one of the biggest decisions you can make, but it is rarely a one-size-fits-all approach. For those living in a strata property, understanding the difference between insurances can mean hundreds of dollars saved every year. One of the most common questions asked is, “Do you need home contents […]

The Most Common Neighbour Complaints and How to Avoid Them


While living in a strata creates a great sense of community, the idea of ‘love thy neighbour’ can sometimes be difficult. Sharing walls and communal spaces with others can often lead to tensions and disagreements between neighbours, negatively affecting your experience of living in the building. Here are some of the most common neighbour complaints […]

What Do Strata Levies Pay For? Breaking Down the 3 Primary Levies

Strata Levy

In any strata environment, lot owners are required to pay levies. The amount will generally differ between properties, but all levies are used in much the same way. Strata managers in Sydney have a responsibility to maintain facilities and provide services to lot owners – these are the elements that your levies will cover.   […]