What is Concierge Service in Strata? - More Than Strata

What is Concierge Service in Strata?

There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you receive great service. When someone goes out of their way to really make an experience better for you. And no role captures that essence quite like that of concierge.

More Than Strata wants you to experience that service, that feeling of happiness, that comes when someone truly helps you. We don’t employ strata managers, we have engaged ‘Strata Concierges’. Qualified and experienced strata managers but with one important point of difference, they want to help you past their obligations under the Strata Act.

We understand that when you engage a strata manager you are placing your trust is someone to protect your asset, to grow the value of your home. It’s a big deal. We also understand how disappointing it is when that same person/company tell you they cannot help. Because your request ‘isn’t strata’.

We asked ourselves, why not? Why can’t we help? People generally want to help. So we took away the rules. Our team are fully empowered to do what they do best, and that is provide outstanding service to you. It may not be ‘strata’ but that doesn’t mean we cannot help.

And if it is strata – well we’ve truly got you covered there as well. Our team brings with them 20 years experience in strata, 20+ years in top-tier corporate management and experience in hospitality. We’re the team to get it all done.

What is concierge level service? It’s that level of service that goes beyond your expectations, when dealing with your strata home.