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Meeting the Locals – What YOU taught US

In mid-February 2020, still under our Concierge at Home banner, we spent three days at the Cremorne Town Centre shopping center, talking to locals about their strata concerns and goals, while giving away much appreciated shopping bags.

It was such a great opportunity for us to learn directly from strata owners what they need from their strata manager. And we got to meet a few cute & furry little locals along the way.

We had a wonderful time meeting so many people and hearing their life (& strata) stories. What we took away from our conversations, more than anything, is how important human connection, and community is. There is a great opportunity for the creation of community and network within strata schemes and we are very excited to help owners achieve just that.

It was unsurprising to hear that the most common complaint owners had about their strata managers was a lack of clear, transparent communication. Basically, many people felt they simply did not know what was going on. Between phone calls and emails not being returned, to a complete lack of follow up, it was apparent owners just wanted quicker actions and answers.

We also heard that one of the biggest frustrations from owners was feeling like there was not enough interest from other owners. Quite a few of you spoke to us about often feeling somewhat ‘abandoned’ to do all the work, without enough support from your managers.

We especially loved hearing how excited owners are about our unique offerings, including the Strata Leader program, service guarantee and no lock in contracts. We appreciated all the time people took to chat to us, and we’re going to keep delivering new and innovative strata solutions.

We plan to spend more time out and about in Sydney communities, learning from owners while also answering those niggling strata questions.

*Edit – March 2020

Since publishing this blog, life for all of us changed as we work collectively to fight Covid-19. Which means we aren’t physically out in the community, but are still here. We’re working on ways to provide community connection and to talk to owners and answers questions online. Follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date.