Are You Eligible to Claim These 5 WFH Expenses at Tax Time?

Working from home

Working from home has quickly become the new norm and, as a result, the way we work is rapidly changing. As more people continue to work from home, new information and ideas are being explored, and priorities are changing. The pandemic has seen the rise in popularity of the home office and having office equipment […]

Our Top 6 Etiquette Tips For Being The Perfect Apartment Neighbour

Etiquette Tips for neighbour

As fabulous as apartment living is, it’s important to be considerate to those who live around you. You don’t want to find yourself in a living situation that is similar to the infamous, unpleasant neighbour in Friends, Mr Heckles. We’ve come up with our top etiquette tips for being the perfect apartment neighbour.   Turn […]

Strata Owners, find out more: Covid-19, the Health Orders and the Impact You

1.Masks A mask must be worn at all times when people are on common property. This includes in lifts, lobbies, hallways, garbage rooms, car parks and when accessing facilities such a gyms, libraries, and meeting rooms. This health order applies to all people using the common property. Residents, visitors, cleaners and emergency trades. As this […]

We’re Launching a Podcast!

You know how there a million podcasts created by business ‘experts’ and mostly they have all these amazing suggestions that don’t really translate in the reality of a new business? Well, we’ve started something different. Our podcast, More Than Business, brings you on the journey with us. Starting a new business isn’t easy, can be […]