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Meeting the Locals – What YOU taught US

In mid-February 2020, still under our Concierge at Home banner, we spent three days at the Cremorne Town Centre shopping center, talking to locals about their strata concerns and goals, while giving away much appreciated shopping bags. It was such a great opportunity for us to learn directly from strata owners what they need from … Read more

What is a Service Guarantee?

Hand’s up if you have heard the words ‘we provide a more proactive service’ – from any service provider recently. And keep them up if that actually happens? We know right. Words are easy to say, and another thing entirely to deliver on. More Than Strata offers a service product based entirely around the customer … Read more

What is Concierge Service in Strata?

There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you receive great service. When someone goes out of their way to really make an experience better for you. And no role captures that essence quite like that of concierge. More Than Strata wants you to experience that service, that feeling of happiness, that comes … Read more

A ‘Risk Rating System’, will it help?

In a recent announcement, the Minister for Better Regulation, Kevin Anderson, has proposed ambitious reforms, which would see builders, developers and certifiers be granted a ‘Risk Score’ – based on the quality of their previous developments. The proposal goes on to empower the Building Commissioner to deny the issuing of an Occupation Certificate, if the … Read more